Tomato Update

Our growing vegetable and herb garden!♥

This is our peaceful terrace-top garden began on April 29th, 2017!

Corey just moved into a beautiful loft apartment, so he had a bunch of giant 18-gallon storage containers. We drilled/stabbed 8-10 holes in the bottom for drainage and filled them almost full with Natures Care organic garden soil. We planted the seedlings and water them daily and they get lots of sun and wind! (omg so much wind)

Now we wait!


** Apologies for inconsistent photo quality. Getting used to things 🙂

What’s growin’ : 

♥ Tomatoes


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♥ Cucumbers


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♥ Banana Peppers


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♥ Romaine & Kale


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♥ Herbs: rosemary, cilantro, lemon thyme, sweet basil, lavender, chive, peppermint


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♥ Lavender


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UPDATE: May 31, 2017

Corey and I started talking about how different types of plants grow and began wondering how garlic grows naturally. So, we sprouted a clove of garlic in a cup of water and then buried it in one of our ‘planters’ 🙂

♥ NEW! Garlic

Garlic! 5/31/17


UPDATE: June 16, 2017

So the strawberry plants that we got from Home Depot must have been duds because they didn’t grow at all even with our homemade compost 😦

But there are 3 MYSTERY SPROUTS starting to come up through the soil!!! Corey and I think that it could be from seeds from something in our compost. There are 3 little sprouts that all look a little bit different from each other.

They could be anything.


NEW! Mystery Sprouts

Mystery tomatoes! 6/25/17

UPDATE: June 25, 2017

Cucumbers are such amazing plants! First of all they took over the planter.. we had to transplant the (dying) kale and banana pepper plants over with the mystery sprouts so the cucumbers had more room! Second, they have these tiny little ‘arms’ I call them that twist around anything they can find. And they’re different almost everyday! It’s seriously so cool to look at. This morning there were so many little yellow blossoms that popped out overnight! I love it.

Also! One out of the 3 mystery sprouts is growing and it’s tomatoes! Corey figured it out because the leaves looked just like a mini version of our tomato plants.. but we have no idea what kind of tomato! We usually buy campari’s or yellow cherry tomatoes, so were just going to have to wait and see!

And apparently a cilantro plant turns into a corriander plant once you take all the cilantro leaves off. So it has transformed!