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1 Month Update!

Has it really been one month already?! Actually, I don't even know how long it's been since starting to practice this glorious new vegan lifestyle. So it's probably been a little bit longer.. sorry 😛 My blog has taken many different identities in my crazy race track mind of ideas. And with bloggers-block hesitation that… Continue reading 1 Month Update!

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VEGAN BLOG: Steak Fajitas!

Fajitas/Tacos My favorite food ever is fajitas. Tonight, Corey and I made steak fajitas/tacos ♥ Earlier in the day, Corey made some yummy vegan chili with beans, riced cauliflower, tomatoes, and lots of spices! It was actually soo good. He's awesome  🙂 Something that I discovered before I became vegan is portobello mushrooms marinated in soy sauce, grilled… Continue reading VEGAN BLOG: Steak Fajitas!


VEGAN BLOG: Spring Rollz

Tonight for dinner I wanted to make something that I've seen so many times online and always thought it was so pretty! I've never made spring rolls before and don't have much experience rolling foods like this. But vegans are always willing to try new things so I thought this was a perfect night. We… Continue reading VEGAN BLOG: Spring Rollz

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VEGAN BLOG: Week 2 Favorites!

Our favorite vegan finds after 2 weeks!

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First week vegan! BBQ "pulled pork" sliders, goddess slaw, and vegan pizza!