About Me!

Hello! & Thank you for visiting my blog! ♥

I have made a decision;  to live a HAPPY vegan life.IMG_6675

My name is Ally! I am a 24 year old American female living in Connecticut. Up until mid-April of 2017, I was your average last-year college student living at home trying to figure out who I was going to be for the rest of my life. Simple right? I wanted to make all the right decisions, but found myself struggling to make what I thought were the best decisions about food. Most times I thought it was better to eat nothing at all than “something bad”, and absolutely developed distorted eating. I didn’t understand why food, something that was supposed to give you life, was only causing destruction and sadness encapsulating my life. My curiosity soon became criticism, which then turned into anger and frustration DAILY.

When tragedy strikes your life – when you find yourself completely alone – giving up seems like the only option. But veganism has taught me that everyone has a second chance. You have an opportunity to start over. I believe there is a reason for everything that happens to you because it brings you closer to who you really are.

For so long I felt like I was just complaining about everything.. but not for no reason.. Because there is a better life to live!

Today, I am a VEGAN and it’s safe to say right now that I am never going back. For me, veganism is simple. It is a simple way out of daily struggles with food and society and the depression that comes along with failing. It’s a way out of the darkness that large corporations have thrown over our eyes without any regard for actual human health and happiness. Its a way to give our precious animals their second chance at a cruelty-free life! Being a vegan is not just about the dietary freedom to eat carbs and stop restricting. It’s a lifestyle free from guilt and negativity! This is a way of living that just is happy and free and can be effortless for anyone who finds their reason.


So this is the beginning. The beginning of my first blog. The beginning of my new life! And the beginning of the new me, an American vegan.


If you are curious, a little bit skeptical, or think the vegan life style is just ugh so ridiculous, this blog is for you! It’s my personal journey into veganism documented through photography and thought.

Just hear me out…

Ally x