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1 Month Update!

Has it really been one month already?!

Actually, I don’t even know how long it’s been since starting to practice this glorious new vegan lifestyle. So it’s probably been a little bit longer.. sorry 😛 My blog has taken many different identities in my crazy race track mind of ideas. And with bloggers-block hesitation that I now have somehow, I have gotten a little bit behind on blogging some of the delicious food Corey and I have made/had!

I downloaded a new photo editing program (who has time for photoshop), and going through all the photos that I’ve taken recently reminds me that so much time has gone by and we’ve done some really cool stuff!

So I think that this post will just be an updated what we ate photography♥  and any other tips and vegan advice that I have to share after a fabulous 1 month of being vegan!



We found a nice spot on the beach in Westport to eat our falafel!
Our go-to pizza 
Homemade falafel with Corey’s help! 🙂 
Graffiti in NYC
A vegan donut shop in NYC!
A small perk of Corey’s new job 😉



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