VEGAN BLOG: Spring Rollz

Tonight for dinner I wanted to make something that I’ve seen so many times online and always thought it was so pretty! I’ve never made spring rolls before and don’t have much experience rolling foods like this. But vegans are always willing to try new things so I thought this was a perfect night.

We already had a bunch of raw veggies in the fridge so we really only needed the rice paper wrappers and a yummy dipping sauce. I would have rather made my own dipping sauce, but bought one instead. These rolls basically consist of plain raw vegetables and a rice paper wrap, so a delicious sauce is key! (Maybe more than one?) I personally love a Thai sweet chili sauce with something like this, but you can really use anything.
The key to a beautiful spring roll is how you cut the vegetables. I’m no professional chef, so I Googled how to julienne a carrot and a cucumber and it worked out pretty well!

So the “toppings” for the spring rolls that we used were carrots, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, red cabbage, bell pepper, edamame, and sesame seeds to give it that beautiful Asian look!

We found rice paper wrappers at the grocery store. They come as opaque flat sheets that you soak in room temp. water for a few minutes until it becomes soft and translucent. Then you try to lay it out flat on the (clean) counter/cutting board without it sticking to its self. Next, pile up all the veggies that you want and wrap it up!


The wrapping technique is definitely something that comes with practice. Our spring rolls were delicious but very… ugly homemade looking. But DELICIOUS! Very satisfying crunch and the flavor of each vegetable stands out even with the sauce.


Thanks for reading my blog! If you have any tips on how to roll the perfect spring roll or how to make the prep faster, leave a comment and follow me!

xo Ally


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