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VEGAN BLOG: Week 2 Favorites!

Meet Corey!

It’s been a little over 2 week since we became vegans!

I wanted to create this blog to document my transition into a vegan lifestyle, but honestly, it really wasn’t very difficult! The hardest part is figuring out what to eat each day, and it seems like all you do is think about/plan the next thing to eat. We also end up making way too much food much of which goes bad, so we might try a vegan food delivery service a few days a week so reduce waste! It’s just the beginning anyway, and I know over time and with repetition it will become more natural! Another thing that I found challenging was balancing nutrients, so I’ve been using the app called cronometer on my iPhone and I’ve been loving it. Its a food logging app, but focuses on every essential macro, vitamin, and mineral, even down to specific proteins! If anyone wants to argue that vegans don’t get enough protein (or any other), just show them your cronometer log! 

Tips after 2 weeks of being a vegan:

Research! If you do really good research, you can avoid wasting money on foods that are really weird or that didn’t work out as you planned. You will also discover so many new things to try.

Recipes! Find a recipe online and print it out/save it somewhere to takes notes on. Write what worked, what didn’t work, and any changes you made.

Start a vegetable and herb garden! Using fresh home grown herbs instead of store bought creates a really intense and fresh experience! And how often do you get to say “I grew what you’re eating!” #satisfying


A list of our 5 favorite vegan finds during our first 2 weeks:

1. This. Flatbread.

We stumbled upon this delicioussss flatbread pizza crust at Trader Joes containing no animal products! It’s kind of difficult to find bread without egg, but it’s possible! Even if you aren’t vegan you should still use this when you want to make your own pizza because it is actual perfection. Cooked directly on the oven rack, it becomes crunchy yet fluffy while maintaining its rather flat quality. We overloaded this pizza with toppings and cheese, and the thing stayed was strong and straight as the horizon. Did I mention delicious?!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Tahini

  • Tahini is a light paste made from ground sesame seeds. It’s always something that I associated with being way too high in fat to even bother with. But it’s an unsaturated fat, which means they are essential and can lower cholesterol! Unlike saturated animal fats which increase it…
    • monounsaturated fats– olive oil, most nuts, avocado, sesame seeds ♥
    • polyunsaturated fats (Omega-3,6)- flax seed, chia seed, sunflower oil, soybean oil, pine nuts
  • It is full of many essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin E, many of the B vitamins, phosphorus, and iron! It’s also one of the highest sources of calcium!
  • It has 20% complete protein, more than most nuts!
  • Eating tahini promotes healthy skin and muscle tone, and is easy to digest (aka weightloss!)

    Roasted veggies, crunchy chick peas and lemon tahini dill sauce. Cucumber and tomato salad with fresh herbs.

Other ideas:

  • spread on toast with jam
  • blended into dressings and sauces
  • mixed into hummus
  • use in stir fry

3. Food-for-Life Ezekiel Bread

As I mentioned earlier, vegan breads are hard to come by. This type of bread is made from whole grains that have sprouted. Unlike refined white bread, whole grains contain the bran, sperm, and endosperm of the grain, which provides fiber and many natural vitamins and protein. Sprouted grains contain more energy, protein, and have less fat than unsprouted whole grains, but the same vitamin and mineral content, so don’t freak if your bread isn’t sprouted; we’re just gettin a little boujee.

IMG_0225 (1)
Quick lunch sandwich using sprouted whole grain bread

We get Food-for-Life brand Ezekiel sprouted whole grain bread, store it in the freezer (because it is found in the freezer section), and warm it up in the toasted oven. It has a delicious light crunch while not being too dry or flimsy. It is definitely different than Wonder bread, but it’s yummy wholesomeness has won me over.

4. Bare Burger

51509013253__0E15D050-85F1-4F01-9F62-881211DF613A (1)
100% Vegan

Not a 100% vegan restaurants, but MANY vegan options!  Bare Burger is an organic and all natural burger restaurant, and also has incredibly fresh and unique salads, appetizers, and drinks.

Also, I am a die hard french fry lover, and this place has the BEST DAMN FRIES in the world. Never can get a picture of those.. anyway

We love going here because we know that we have more options and it’s guaranteed delish!

5. Minimalist Baker

The last favorite isn’t food or a product, it’s actually another blog! In the past couple of weeks, it seems like everything time I search for an ingredient or a recipe, Minimalist Baker ALWAYS pops up! She is a dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and plant based blogger and uses simple and few ingredients.

Check her out, but of course don’t abandon me! ♥♥

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope my favorites and tips help you or inspire you to try a vegan diet! If you try any of these or have any suggestions, follow and comment me.. I would love to chat!

Ally x


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