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I couldn’t believe how FLAWLESSLY the first attempt at a vegan dinner went. Being a complete newbie, it’s weird to not automatically know how to cook something. So, I literally just searched in Google “vegan dinner ideas.” As I was clicking through, vegan pulled pork sliders obviously caught my attention.

Like Waht?!

Were we ready to take on such an ambitious recipe FIRST?! This could potentially be a huge fail. But the only thing different was to swap the pork with jackfruit! 

Jackfruit is related to figs and breadfruit and is the largest of all tree-born fruit. 1 jack tree produces 100-200 gigantic fruits a year!

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 5.08.38 PM.png

Here on the east coast, we found jackfruit in a can at Trader Joes. I read that it’s better to use jackfruit in water instead of brine because it has a better “meat-like” texture, but this was good enough for now!

20 oz can of jackfruit (x2) = $4.00 

So jackfruit. Weird stuff. Straight out of the can it seriously doesn’t look like anything else I’ve ever seen. It’s white-ish, doesn’t have a very strong smell, and is pretty firm. Right away I just knew: this was going to be amazing!

Here is a recipe page that I used to make: Bourbon BBQ jackfruit slider with avocado goddess slaw!

BBQ Jackfruit by Minimalist Baker

Here’s how it went:

We got vegan burger buns (good luck finding vegan slider buns) and a vegan bourbon BBQ sauce, added sliced cucumber and topped it off with the slaw. We found this delicious dressing at Trader Joes called Goddess Dressing and bought one that is basically a lemon tahini vegetable oil mixture. I added it to the slaw and it literally changed our lives!

What is (one of) the absolute best foods in the entire world?


Which is exactly what we made the next day for lunch. It turns out that Trader Joes has a lot of vegan products! We found a dairy-free and egg-free flatbread with a little olive oil and dried italian spices in the bread section and we also got ‘daiya’ brand vegan pepperjack cheese! The cheese by itself was a bit strange, it tasted very much like fake cheese. BUT it was a bag of shredded cheese intended to be melted, and  omg it meeelllllteeeddddd

Toppings: TJ’s garlic tomato sauce, leftover BBQ jackfruit ♥, broccoli, chili pepper, sliced tomato on top, and multiple layers of cheese. Cook in the oven on 425°F for 15-20 minutes and prepare to transport to a new planet.

Disclaimer: this pizza is actually 100% vegan and we really did make it.

This might be hard to believe, but we actually put too much cheese?! But yeah, maybe the entire bag was overdoing it a little? Other than that.. absolute bliss.

After eating this ultimate vegan pizza, not only do you not feel full and bloated and gross, but you are smiling. Because you know that every ingredient and every bite became possible without any cruelty to the planet, the animals, or my stomach!

Vegan life so far, it feel soo worth it.


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